Cloth Inspecting

Examination guarantee quality 

We prioritize quality control from material selection. Our fabrics are sourced from reliable ISO9001-certified suppliers, ensuring high standards. Additionally, we offer a wide range to match your design preferences.

Pattern cutting

Precision and Efficiency  

Before cutting, our skilled workers create a layout chart based on the client's sample. Our cutting department prioritizes completeness, rationality, and economy, ensuring precise and economical use of materials.

Sewing Process

Core Technology for Excellence

We has a powerful and well-organized production line to ensure exceptional product quality and efficiency. Our dedicated professionals bring expertise and a positive attitude to every sewing project, delivering superior outcomes.

Final Pressing

Core Technology for Excellence 

Ironing is crucial in garment manufacturing. We prioritize our clients' requirements, meticulously following their designs during the ironing process. We allocate 30% of our efforts to ironing and 70% to sewing work.

Quality Control

Attention to Detail 

Success hinges on details. Tailored quality control meets client requirements. Thorough inspection ensures flawless quantity, color, size, embroidery, print. Meticulous checks guarantee perfection before shipping.
After the resin paint color paste containing foaming agent is printed on the fabric, after steaming at high temperature, the printed pattern will foam and show a relief effect.
Using the principle of retro-reflective glass beads with high refractive index, it is made through the advanced technology of focusing and post-processing.
A special liquid silicone that can be firmly adhered to the surface of textiles by screen printing.
A kind of embroidery, which belongs to three-dimensional embroidery, the effect is very similar to towel cloth.
A technique for setting diamonds on some materials such as leather and cloth to make the finished product more beautiful and beautiful.
Embroidery form in which other fabric clippings are sewed on the embroidery surface.
Various decorative patterns embroidered on fabric by needle and thread.
Specially textured for increased friction or grip on the surface.
In the ordinary embroidery process, a certain height of auxiliary material (such as EVA) is added to the fabric. After the embroidery is completed, the embroidery thread on the EVA is repaired and smoothed with tools, and the auxiliary material is removed to form an embroidery in the shape of a toothbrush.
Some natural objects glow at night, including the light of stars and moons, fireflies, night pearls, fluorescent powder and other objects.

full process

  • Customer design/ idear

    Customer design/ idear

    No matter if you have a professional technical package or just want to show us a sketch or picture of a similar style to work for us. Just show us your requirements and we can bring it to life.

  • Fabric sourcing

    Fabric sourcing

    Our project manager will help you recommend the most suitable fabric for your design.

  • Confirm mock up

    Confirm mock up

    Your personal project manager will confirm the design details and techniques with you.

  • Paper pattern designing

    Paper pattern designing

    Fashion editors will make paper patterns for you within 3 days.

  • Payment


    Currently, we accept T/T, Credit Card, PayPalfor. For the other payment terms can be negotiated.

  • Sample/bulk production

    Sample/bulk production

    1 weeks once confirmed the fabric, 3 weeks once confirmed the fabric.

  • Shipping


    Various transportation methods are available, but we will recommend the most cost-effective method and reasonable delivery time.